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Culture Shock the story......

January 1986
Thatcher is still in power, the miners have been crushed, industry in general is
falling apart, unemployment is at another all-time high, the previous summer saw
rioting in Birmingham, Liverpool, London: the largest mass arrest ever in the UK had
been last June, when the Stonehenge festival was uncompromisingly smashed
before it started, at the 'Battle of the Beanfield'. Soon to come- prison riots,
Chernobyl, the M25, the USA bombing Libya, the exploding space shuttle, and
more rain....

Meanwhile, 30 miles from Stonehenge in the Wiltshire town of Warminster, the
local punk scene was going through a wobbly patch, with Subhumans, AHeads and
Organised Chaos all calling it a day between October '85 and Jan '86. One member
of each- Dick, singer from Subhumans, Nige, bassist from the AHeads [who now
turned to guitar], and Bill, drummer for Organised Chaos- joined up with Paul on
bass, with whom Nige had been jamming reggae tunes, and began building those
tunes into songs....that were of a style none of us punks had ever played with
before, a refreshing blend of reggae-driven bass, roller-coasting drums, and punked-
up ska guitar. It felt like we'd found a new way to express ourselves, and the songs poured out. 

     Shock Culture sounded 'too punk rockish', but Culture Shock, that would be a
      shock to the culture rather than a culture of shocking people, and a shock to
       all sorts of musical cultures cos we were mixing them up, and, it just sounded
        good! Unfortunately there are or have been a total of about seven Culture
        Shocks....There's one that plays Bhangra music; there's one in Arnhem in
         Holland who do Jimi Hendrix covers- we had a gig there and when we started
          playing half the crowd got up and left cos we weren't playing Hendrix
          covers!- There was one spelt with a 'K', an old punk band from Scotland, a
           thrash one in Indianapolis, and a reggae one up in Leeds...and there's us!

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