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‘Living History', our first demo tape, was recorded onto a 4-track machine in
Wally [AHeads]'s front room in March '86, it sounds a bit [insert disc, press play,
form adjectival opinion], but that's how it sounded, rough and ready, with songs
barely 5 weeks old, and before we'd played any gigs. Two of the songs [Living
History and Punks on Postcards] were put out on Bluurg as part of the 'Open Mind Surgery' compilation a few months later.

Our first gigs were local, notably at The Crown in Trowbridge and Longacre Hall in
Bath, and as the free festival season approached we played several impromptu
travellers sites, the largest of which was at Hanging Langford, which, following the Beanfield rout the year before, was the nearest people could get to Stonehenge for
the solstice. Being based in Warminster, a lot of travellers stopped on their ways to
and from such edge-of-the-exclusion-zone gatherings [yes, an exclusion zone, as
seen in times of war, was set up to basically make it illegal to go within 30 miles of Stonehenge if you looked like you might want to Gather in Numbers that Threaten
the Way Things Are], and we got to as many gatherings as we could, whether we
played or not: it was a mission, to keep free spontaneous outdoor musical social
events alive, cos we knew there was nothing to compare with it, and the laws were tightening up each year. Solstice '87 and '88 saw several hundred people in small Wiltshire woods [Collingbourne and Cholderton] and the 2-mile march to the Stones
   in '88 at midnight was a superb sight- not that we didn't end up battling and
      fleeing from the riot cops, again....

        After 27 gigs and a demo tape it was time to do an album! Well, a mini-album
        of 6 songs and 2 stripped-down remixes: 'Go Wild' was recorded at Southern
         Studios in London over 3 days at the end of September '86.

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