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We played 205 gigs in our relatively brief three-and-a-half year existence, mostly in
the UK, but with a few excursions into Europe, where we relished and marvelled at
the quality of the autonomous DIY scenes in Germany, Holland and Belgium, with
long-standing venues run by co-operation rather than contracts or managers, that
doubled up as counter-cultural info centres, cafes, a place to sleep...such venues
are hard to find, or keep going, in the UK, but it was in the 80s that tales of bands
being fed at gigs, and of info stalls lining the walls, started to turn UK gigs into more communal and more diverse experiences, even if the venue was a different place a
month later.

Fanzine culture was still on overdrive, £3.50 was not a cheap door price, and
'crusties' came into being. With the free festival scene now riddled with problems of illegality and clampdown, travellers moved abroad in droves, and a significant shift
from peace and love idealism to the harsher conceptual realities of being an 'enemy
of the state' set in- less hippy, more punk, less trippy, more drunk. Special Brew
was the crustie tipple- it tippled some people right over the edge into semi-
permanent belligerence directed at more-or-less anyone they didn't know; others
[who could handle it] were often down the front, singing along....

 At this point a lot of anarcho-punk bands had split or gone quiet, and in the gap-
   before the waves of America's newly commercialised punk [Bad Religion/Rancid/
      Green Day] took its influential toll- there was a lot of musical experimentation
      taking place, in an atmosphere that took disparate styles and threw them
        together. We regularly played with other bands who were merging punk with
        ska and reggae- such as AOS3, RDF, City Indians, Dicemen, Spithead,
         Bender and Scum of Toytown- which seemed an idea whose time had come,
          and played with bands who were musically miles apart from us, like Bolt
           Thrower, Amebix, Woody and the Rocket Launchers [no idea, but its

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