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'Reality Stop No.44' was our second demo- the '44' referencing the street number of
the shared house we practiced/lived/partied in- and was recorded in a house studio
by Steve Collinson, who'd last been seen recording the Subhumans first album.
Most of the songs were to be replayed a few months later [August 88] on our
second LP, 'Onwards and Upwards', which got approximately no reviews but felt as
good as we'd ever get. January 89 and Paul decided to lop off the dreads, hang up
the bass and discover what else he could do with life, which was a surprise, to say
the least; Jasper, who had been in the first incarnations of The Rhythmites, took

Halfway through the year Bill, and then Nige, both decided that recent fatherhood
and the changes in lifestyle/need for regular income that came with it wasn't
compatible with being in an active band, and so that was- almost- that. But first we
still had another album's-worth of songs left to record, so that August it was back to Southern to make 'All The Time!'

It came out a few months later, and we did 2 final gigs, one local at Bath Pavilion,
which was the largest [indoor] crowd we'd ever had, and at Queen Mary's College in London- which replaced a completely disastrous attempt at playing Fulham
  Greyhound, where hundreds more people than predicted turned up, the panicked
      owner cancelled the gig before it had started, and the cops came, which
       provoked a small riot and led to a lot of arrests and sore heads. It also
        ironically gave us more press publicity than anything else we had ever done.

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